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Sci-202: Science of Everyday Things
The Summer-Term Version
Brent Royuk, Instructor

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1 am

Web Authoring

Web Help
Web Assignment

Course Handout

1 pm

What is Science

Unit 1 Three Six


2 am

Color Phenomena

Unit 2 Three Six

Color Handout

2 pm

Kinetic Theory, Gas Laws, Phases of Matter

Unit 3 Three Six

Sim 1
Sim 2

3 am

Phase Changes, Heat Transfer

Unit 4 Three Six


3 pm

Pressure, Scuba Diving

Unit 5 Three Six


4 am

Gravity, Mass, Density & Weight, Buoyancy, Bernoulli's Principle, Scaling

Unit 6 Three Six


4 pm

Science & Religion: Creation, Evolution & The Paranormal

Unit 7 Three Six
Paranormal Stuff


5 am

Matter Classification, Types of Crystals, Solutions and Suspensions

Unit 8 Three Six


5 pm

Finish Material, Final Exam


Final Review





Book Report Bibliography

Non-Newtonian Fluid Video

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