Here are some instructions for creating a WordPress site at Concordia.

  1. Log on to with your normal Concordia username/password.
  2. WordPress uses a site editor called the Dashboard, which provides you with controls in a column at the left side of the page. Feel free to explore their functions and figure out how to customize your website. You can always toggle back and forth between the dashboard and your site by clicking Visit Site or Dashboard in the menu bar at the upper left of your screen.
  3. Content is posted on a WordPress site in two ways: Posts and Pages. Posts are date-driven blog entries while pages are more permanent entities that form the structure of your site. Your 202 web material will be added to your site on pages in such a way that it does not interfere with the capacity of your site to be used to blog.
  4. By default, each page you create will allow user comments. If you’d like to disable comments, go to Settings -> Discussion, and unclick the third box “Allow people to post comments on new articles.” It’s best to do that before you make any pages. You can turn off comments on any individual pages by choosing “Quick Edit” for the page and unchecking the “Allow Comments” box. You can also turn them off by selecting “Screen Options” when you’re editing a page and unchecking “Comments.”
  5. Customize your Site Title and Tagline under Settings -> General.
  6. Choose a theme with Appearance -> Themes. Some themes provide the tool Appearance -> Theme Options, with different configurable options depending on the theme. Customize your site's appearance with Appearance -> Background and Appearance -> Header.
  7. You can maintain a set of favorite links using the Links tool. These links can be displayed on pages with a widget, and sometimes themes include them by default.
  8. Add and edit pages with the Pages tool on the dashboard. Pages -> Page Order allows you to arrange the order and hierarchy of your pages.
  9. Settings -> Reading allows you to specify your front page, and where blog posts appear. Add a new post anytime you'd like and blog away.
  10. The Sci-202 course website links to your site at If you change the URL of your homepage, please send me an email with the new address.
  11. Your memory storage space is limited to 50MB. Be careful about uploading full-resolution pictures from your camera or you’ll run out of space.
  12. If you need help, there is a tremendous amount of tutorial information on the web. Here are some videos that show you how to do all the basics.


You can turn off comments on any page in any theme:


1.    Click on the “Pages” menu in the left column of the dashboard so you see the list of all your pages.

2.    Hover over a page name so you see Edit, Quick Edit, Trash, View beneath it. Click on Quick Edit

3.    Unclick “Allow Comments.”