Science and Religion


I enjoy learning and teaching about issues relating to the interaction of science and the Christian faith.


Here are links to the latest version of my teaching units in my Science of Everyday Things course, which include all the materials I use in that class plus some extra stuff. Unit 7 includes some information particularly relevant to the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and concludes with some slides I use when teaching about the paranormal.

PowerPoint slides:


Unit 1: The Nature of Science

Lecture Slides

Unit 7: Science & Religion

Lecture Slides


S&R Model Handout

S&R Model w/ Creationist Approaches

Article: Ideological Approaches to Science and Religion in a National Survey of Lutheran High School Science Teachers. Lutheran Education Journal: July, 2010.


Article: Teaching about Science & Religion in Lutheran Classrooms, Issues in Christian Education: Spring, 2011. Full journal issue online here.